Bonne Annee ... and welcome to the first 
Voila! party of the new year !!

Have you completed a French inspired project already in this new year of 2012?
If not, do you have one planned?
If so, what will it be?
I haven't completed mine yet, but have started one ... a little re-do of my sun porch. well, mainly just the furniture. 
Here is the "before" shot of the sofa I'm tackling:

And this is as far as I've come to date ... I've managed to remove 80% of the old fabric while keeping the "innards" intact that I can re-use and cover over.

and while I was at it, I figured why not pull apart the seat cushions on the wrought iron chairs that sit opposite the sofa ..
 ... and that my dear friends is as far as I've made it!!
There is no heat out on the porch and yesterday it was a bone numbing 12 degrees outside. This project may be waiting for completion until spring!

Well, if you've been ambitious and have some inspiration to share ... we would LOVE to see it ... link it on up below ; )


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