Okay ... I'm detecting a pattern here.
I have been teasing y'all with my not-so-quite-complete projects ...
Well, today will be no exception !!
I have what I believe to be creative brain ADD.
...and I know for a fact I am NOT the only one that suffers ... 
I see this all the time out here in blogland : )
I can be working on one project ... get an idea for another ... and start a new one while it's fresh in my mind ... the cycle continues ... and eventually I'll end up with half a dozen "almost there" projects !!

 So here is what distracted me this week from finishing my slipcovered chairs I promised to finish and feature this week. A real find!! This vintage folding cart ... for $2.90 at my favorite thrift store.
It even has a touch 'o rust !!
and here is where I rationalize jumping from one project to another ...
I did finish the actual sewing of my slip covers, but didn't any graphics to them ... yet.
so ..... I thought making a basket liner for my new cart would be the perfect opportunity to practice stenciling the canvas {the same canvas I used for the slipcovers}
I am VERY pleased with the results and feel confident to move forward with the chairs.
See ... makes sense, right?
Look ... here is a portion of the slipcover ... I can't show you all of it, that would totally take away the "WOW" factor for the reveal {smiles}

How about you? did you finish anything this week? See anything that inspired your creative train of thought? If so, you know what to do ... I'm back to finishing up my loose ends!

Jill {Gypsy Brocante}

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