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I like the star she made out of an old ruler.
Meet-- Theresa
I started blogging 2 years ago this month, actually I think next week is my anniversary. I wanted to do something special to celebrate this so I guess I better hurry. I live between Dallas and Houston and travel all around Texas to find the cool things I sell at shows. Right now I do have a regular full time job and I antique full time so I guess I have two jobs. I try and do at least 4 shows a year and smaller ones in between. I sell at Zapp Hall twice a year, April and October, Austin Tx City Wide Sale about 2 times a year, the Red Barn Antique Show twice a year January and June and next week I'm doing a one day show in Waco Tx at Bloom and Bee Swanky shop. This is a first I've never done a one day show. Someday I hope to sell at Canton once I retire in 5 years. We have two boys, ages 26 and 21. Our oldest son lives in Austin and youngest still lives at home and goes to college. They are my life!! I live for my boys. She has a slide show http://14632431859204620288.slide.com/ Visit her blog http://www.gardenantqs.blogspot.com/ She is so sweet and talented.
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