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Meet Nancy!
Welcome to Sassytrash! I have always been interested in repurposing vintage treasures into new creations-- especially making hall stands out of vintage wood panel doors, mirrors, and architectural finds. I also love to work with old lamp parts, wire, metal, ephemera, fabrics, and well, just everything vintage! When you pick up a treasure, however humble, that has been around for so many years, some would wish it could tell of the people it has known, the places it has been, and the eras it has survived, and others would, without a thought, discard it. How awesome to be a part of the unique sorority of talented sisters who love and work with “old things”, and how extraordinary a time to be able to share ourselves through our blogs. I have only been a blogger for a few months, but it has so expanded my work, my friendships, and my world. I used to be rather embarrassed by what I did, never being quite able to explain it, but what a relief to find kinship with others who understand. We are the original recyclers, waiting for the world to catch up.Currently, I am located at the Lakewood 400 Antique Show in Cumming, GA- every third weekend of the month. Please stop by 453 in Hall G and visit sometime. http://www.sassytrash.blogspot.com/
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