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Hello all, Let me introduce myself. My name is Debbi and I hail from Sublimity, Oregon. I am a new team member here and I would like to share a bit of what my passion is working with vintage linens! What once was mom or grandmas treasured beauties are most likely, frayed, yellowed and the left overs at an estate sale, you can see me scooping them up ready to give them a new life. I launder and refresh the fabric, then cut away the bad parts, it is so incredible what is left over that is usuable with a bit of imagination.

It is my intent to share once a month a piece of fabric, lace, embroidery or crochet that I have rescued and restored some of its beauty into a new treasure that could become tomorrow's heirloom. Most of these items will be available for sale on my website that I will feature here.

TUSSIE MUSSIE with Truffles

Tonite I would like to share a pretty Tussie Mussie cone--almost everything is from bits and pieces of rescued vintage. (The cone, ribbon and the button are new)
I started with a piece of vintage Wilendur tablecloth fabric and wrapped the hard paper cone.

A small vintage hand crocheted doily forms a bottle ruffle anchored by a soft ivory satin ribbon. I added tiny red pearls on the loops of the doily too. The top features sections of small coaster doilies, and tiny scalloped lace too. A piece of red lace is adds a final touch along with some bling of a sparkly rhinestone button.
A sweet treat of 8 yummy Lindor truffles is included too!

This is available for sale on my website--Marionberry Cottage
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