Grandma's old embroidery

My grandma and my mother had a passion for pretty things, and hand embroidered dresser scarves and tablecloths were displayed all over the house. By the time they came to me, many were yellowed and stained. Some could be revived, but others sadly were hopeless to use as they once were intended.

Below are a couple of examples of rescued vintage embroidery. This is a dresser scarf that the ends were still in lovely condition. The center part that was stained, I cut away for the rag drawer.

I created a pair of pretty hanger covers using a sweet coordinating pink roses print, and added lots of vintage and new button details

This pair of hanger covers--these are made from the corners of a tablecloth! Note how grammy must have run out of pink thread--she used blue to finish. She made this tablecloth during the depression.

I have also designed pillows and purses from lovely rescued linens. I have these and more items available for sale on my website Marionberry Cottage
Thanks for letting me share with you today!


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