Petite Treasures

Happy Tuesday!
Today's post comes from My Petite Maison

© My Petite Maison

I'd love to talk about some of the petite treasures
we collect for our home and shoppe

Right now, we're loving old skeleton keys from France
Some rusty, some shiny, some barely have their "teeth"

I love to hang them from windows, doors...
just all around the house!

I read in the March edition of Country Living
that vintage keys are one of the hot affordable
collectibles under $10 to be collected en masse.

I love to scoop them up and always wonder
of their history. What kind of door or desk
did the key open...
Could it have been a secret compartment?

What kind of artifacts that are of a smaller size
and cost do you collect and why?

~Tracie, My Petite Maison
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