Simple Ambiance

As much as I want my old farmhouse to be a villa, there are parts of the house that are just better suited to aprons and chippy window frames.

The kitchen is definitely one of those places. I'd never describe my favorite decorating style as "farmhouse" ~ lol ~ But the truth is, I kinda like the relaxed feeling it gives. It lends itself nicely to children playing, dogs chasing their tails and watermelon parties with the neighbors.

When I need solitude and something a little less "farmhouse", I steal away to the third floor

I adore this space and yet it's not a villa either! I've got four floors in this big historic farmhouse to decorate, yet not one of the spaces is done in villa style. Hmmm... maybe "Villa" actually feels like vacation to me... And maybe this gypsy farmhouse thing I've got going on feels more like home.

What makes your house feel like home?

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