Spring Fever

Spring Fever......................................


Here, north of New York City, we are expecting a foot of snow in the next 24 hours. Yours truly is rivetted to her sewing table drooling over vintage seed, grain and feed sacks. I'm drawn to their simple beauty. Imagine the entire American farming industry before plastic! Imagine train cars and truckloads brimming with 100% cotton sacks with bright graphics filled with harvested gold.

It occcurred to me that I might have a case of premature Spring Fever, so I quickly consulted the dictionary: "Etymology: from Old English springan; akin to Old High German springan to jump and perhaps to Greek sperchesthai to hasten. Date before the 12th century"...and "a feeling of restlessness, excitement or laziness brought on by the coming of Spring".

Ok, not such a bad diagnosis. So if you see a woman through the snowladen window of a hardware store studying seed packets, be kind.

If you spot a woman in a large down parka at a garden center loading her wagon with potting soil, bulbs and house plants, don't get in her way....

(she's got the FEVER!)

Enjoy the anticipation!

All my Best, Leslie

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