Vintage Linens

I blame it on a family addiction!  It's been going on at least 3 generations in my's the addiction to vintage linens!!!  Really, I can' stop buying them and I almost have enough to set up a shop and my mom has more than I do!!! 
Some people collect art, but we are an old linen collecting family!  To us, they are "art".
I find them at flea markets, thrift stores, garage sales and eBay.  I think the most I've paid is $20 for a tablecloth but I know some of them are worth so much more. That's not why I buy them though...I just love to look at them!

I used to shy away from buying any linens with stains because they were so hard to get out but now I know the secret!
It's the combination of Dawn dish soap and OxiClean (the powder).  Almost all my linens are white so I use hot water and I soak them overnight if needed.  If the piece is really soiled I change the water a couple times.   I was told that for really delicate linens that Biz is more gentle but I haven't tried that yet.  You can find more tips for caring for your vintage linens here.
I like to iron my linens with a little lavender water, especially my vintage pillowcases!  I sleep on vintage pillowcases every night!  Ahhh...and they smell like lavender!

I use my linens regularly and even when I'm not using them I have them on display where I can see them!
This is my newest purchase!  What a great deal for $12!!!
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