Earth Day & Redoing OldTreasures

With home, gardening, shopping locally, green building, recycling, alternative energy and other green initiatives more and more of us will be jumping on the band wagon celebrating Earth Day today. But trash hunters ....hmmm....make that treasure hunters, also known as vintage lovers, have been celebrating Earth Day for as long as we can remember....... me, personally for about 40 years. Here are just two more fun ways to revitalize and use some old things that otherwise might end up in a land fill. Those old forks that have gotten stained and bent out of those darlings and use them in the garden. Here I have used them to hold the tags that came with my herbs I just bought recently for my little backdoor herb garden I am making this Spring.

I adore this idea, which I got from the most wonderful gal....Savvy City Farmer (she has great music too). She did a post telling us all we need to get away from the plastic and bring back the beautiuful old coffee carafes, adding a little romance to your morning coffee. I haven't found one of those yet but I did find this fabulous old silver plate chafing dish warmer. Look at those sexy legs! And don't you know...... it makes the most fabulous wine holder.....pretty fancy huh? Reinvent what you have! It's fun!

Best wishes, Lynn @ The Vintage Nest
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