Talking Trash And Trash Cans

I thought this morning I would talk a little trash about what appears to be a craze here in Texas. It seems everyone is buying every little vintage trailer they can find...and I'm not talking about men buying 'em, but the ladies. That's right, women are rockin' the market! We are taking these cute as a bug trailers, gutting them and putting our own unique spin on them. Now I'll give you they don't look all that great when you find one on a deer lease or sitting in a fact they are a bit EEEWWW, but the bones are there for some cute, cute, triple cute playhouses! Theresa at Garden Antiques got her one to redo to take to Warrenton during Antique Week! I don't know her plans yet, but I guarantee you, it will be all her!

This is Chief and Trailer Trash is planning a redo as well! Don't you just love both of their names? There is already clubs being formed for the ladies who drag with one being Sisters on the Fly. Wouldn't you just be the talk of the antique show or flea market shopping with this in tow?

This is the inside of Chief. See what I mean about good bones? That stove and sink is just 2die4! We all loved playing with dollhouses when we were little girls...this is just like that, only BIGGER!

This is my own little canned ham which for now is being called Casita de Trash. I am planning on another name in the future. In fact, I did a post with a giveaway to help me name her. Yes, you even get to christen your own canned ham. No goofy names like men come up with, but really classy ones like Miss B-Haven, TexaLou Roadhouse or my personal favorite, The Porta-Party! (Those are just a few of the names of the trailers at SOTF) Could this be any more fun?

I've got some big plans for my baby if the funds hold out! Face it girls, we love vintage and it just doesn't get any more vintage than this. If you're thinking about jumping into the trailer tango line, it's best to do it now. I really think the prices will start to go high as the demand continues and men figure out what we are up to!

Peggy's trailer was the hit of Zapp Hall and you can really see what the finished product will look like with a little imagination and a lot of elbow grease! So get in the groove...start looking on the sides of the road. Leave no stone unturned! There is a canned ham with your name on it out there and I think I hear it calling!

Debbie at Talking Trash

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