My New Addition!!!

Well, I wasn't sure what to blog about today - my fabulous QUICK adventure to the coast for three days with the family, or that the dog got out when we were gone and that the folks at the pound were not very friendly upon our return (but he was there), or the fact that my I am the mother of a now 14 year old. Nah! I thought I would share with you the beginnings of our newest baby in the family - we havent picked her up yet be we will soon be the proud parents of a...(holding your breath)...a vintage trailer. Now that the kids are getting older and family time is coming far less attractive to the kids with video games and the dvr, I have had it! So, I convinced Ricky in my Lucy ways that this was the best thing for us and as a family. You should have been here when I called him at work out of the blue and told him I wanted to buy a trailer. Over the last month, we researched them, talked about the lifestyle, and finally took a vote on what was important in a trailer for us. Of course, my only vote was that it was vintage and had good bones. Dad and Faith wanted a toilet and stove, and places to sleep and Victoria (the now 14 year old) didnt want to do anything with a trailer. "Why cant we just sleep in the van? Why do we need an old one, mom." She doesnt get the concept yet that to stay in the hotels daddys work pays for could cost up to $300 per night. We found our favorite slip on the beach that will, at a premium, cost us $35 per night. On the sand with the waves about 30 yards away!
So, as time goes by, I will post you updates on our trailer.. we will name her as a family, work on her as a family, and redesign her as a family. She has great bones but will become very transformed from her very current colorful state. I cant wait to pick her up! And, if you have any tips to offer or suggestions to share, please do Cant wait to share more. Sandy - The Tattered House.
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