Queen for a Day

I hope you all enjoyed your moms or the memories yesterday, or even yourselves!!! We had a wonderful time eating and laughing with three generations of women at our favorite restaurant...our family amazingly is purely women, with men "by invitation" only (married in). Grandma was one of three girls, I am one of three girls, and my sister and I have 2 girls. Our husbands are pretty special to put up with us as we fill the room with lots of high pitched calamity!
My Favorite Tiara near pix of my Grandma and Grandpa, behind that my Great Aunt Rose and Great Aunt Bertha as young children (left) and my Aunt Rose and mom (right).

What a wonderful way to follow up Mothers Day then to share my collection of Vintage Tiara's with you my friends. My collection started when my daughters friend gave me a small newer tiara she wore as a flower girl. I keep it on my dashboard to remember the inner-diva I suppose while running errands and driving thru my local Cup-of-Joe for the umpteenth-time.

So heres to my fellow Divas, my queens and fellow ladies - Pick your favorite and picture it on your head!!!!

And if you are ever at the mall picking up sox for hubby or another last minute gift for that birthday party, run to the cheapy jewelry store and by a little comb tiara like the one in my car to remember, you ARE a Queen for a Day-no matter what day of the week it is!!!
Sandy - The Tattered House.
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