She Sells Seashells!

Everybody has their secret passion. I thought I would show you some of mine.

Back in the late 90's my daughter and I began to buy shell art for resale. We found them irresistible and thought everyone else would. There was just one little problem with our plan.

No one did! So rather than just sell these little pieces of art for cost, I decided to keep them. I continued to pick up pieces here and there...some old, some not so old, but still delightful to look at.

Then lo and behold, a few years ago, these same little castoffs became the darlings of every body's eye! All of a sudden, people were trying to buy my babies and were willing to pay more than I had originally tried to sell them for! Go figure!

I can't put a price tag on them because to me they are priceless. I had to dig in a lot of grungy places to find some of them and risk tetanus for others. I'm happy that no one wanted them back in 1996...they are mine to keep and I intend on doing just that!

So that's my dirty little secret and I know I'm not alone. "There are eight million stories in The Naked City. This has been one of them." What's yours?

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