Sweet Vintage Celebrations

I think birthday's are such special celebrations. I mean, after all, who is more special than you?!! And your special day should be celebrated in style....vintage style that is. Have you seen the article in the July issue of Romantic Homes? It gives ideas on celebrating a birthday with old fashioned games, inexpensive loot bag ideas, sweet pastels and vintage party accessories. I have been having so much fun making pretty party hats or cake toppers and I always try to incorporate something vintage in each one.....maybe an' old blow out' or vintage Dresden trim or vintage crepe paper. And some time ago I started a new Etsy shop, called 'One Little Candle', that features vintage party goods and celebration items.....fun things that make you smile. And a page in my boutique, The Vintage Nest, is filled with sweet party goods. Here are just a few of the memory making party hats of today and some vintage foil party hats. Life's a Party.....Celebrate!

xo Lynn @ The Vintage Nest.

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