Creative Giving

Now, more than ever, when we have less to spend,
we must make every dollar count. We will put more thought into
each penny we spend, into each search for a gift, into each card and tag we write.
Here at Etsy, there are many, many artisans who donate anywhere from
a portion of their profits, to 100% of their profits - to charities.
The following is a teeny tiny taste of the myriad of
beautiful, handmade items from Etsy artisans who care, and who give...enjoy!
Just click on the stores below each photo...
These delicate heart earrings
will lead to a children's charity...

This ipod/iphone/blackberry case
leads to an animal charity......

These hemp linen pillows help support a woman in Bosnia,
and a little girl in Bangladesh...

This adorable pup leads to the Humane Society...

These lovely birds lead to a children's hospital in
the Dominican Republic.....

These delicate beaded earrings lead to a 75% donation
to the Susan B. Komen Foundation.

This beautiful landscape will lead to a 100% donation to a cancer organization...
And, last but not least...this subtle necklace
will lead you to a Liberian orphanage...

So enjoy the search for the perfect gift, and double your spending power!

All my best to you,


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