Grey Is The New Black

Here in the east we are in the midst of yet another thunderstorm. This endless humidity has led me, and a few other women I know, to try to focus on the idea of cool, dry, crisp autumn weather. Almost chilly weather. Personally, I cannot wait. So I decided not to wait. And dear reader, Etsy is teeming with romantic, grey-is-the-new-black, vintage-inspired lovelies for the cool, dry, crisp air that will (I hope) eventually happen. Click on the photos to be transported to cooler, dryer air and unique, romantic grey Etsy stores...

Isn't this 40's blazer with a velvet collar a great staple?

This bib dress is called "The French Connection"...isn't it fabulous?

I made these grey velvet cuffs .....with antique French components... for fall and winter...
Here's a great top that we can use now!
This dark grey scarf is multi-functional...

This grey velvet jacket is amazing, isn't it?

This skirt is called "winterwoods skirt"...adorable!

This sweater-dress can be worn two different ways....what a great wrap!

Don't forget our chilly toes!

And let's not forget the holiday festivities that bring us in from the cold!

I don't want to wish away any season, but enough is enough...perhaps it will stop raining tomorrow!

All my best to you,


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