Le Coq

Good Monday Morning to you. Since the name of this blog is The French Cupboard I thought it would be fun to talk about roosters, since the rooster or Le Coq is the French National Emblem. A poetic quotation from the late French comedian Coluche, goes something like this: "It is the country's national emblem because it's the only bird that manages to sing with its feet deep in s%*$." :) And with that, I would love to show you the roosters in my home. I love roosters and always have. I don't have a big collection of roosters....just enough to give that French country feel.

This big fella' was adopted about 10 years ago. I think I got him at Pier One. I do know I got him at 1/2 price or I would not have bought him because he was expensive. He's hand carved solid wood and is about 3 feet tall.

I just love this little red rooster. He is my paper towel holder. The black and white toile plate behind him sits above the sink and features a rooster scene. My sweet daughter-in-law give me that when they were visiting Fourth of July.

This is my rooster pillow that I gave to myself one year for Christmas. (Incidentally, the leopard print pillow is one I made from washcloths..... of all things). :)

And lastly, I think this little guy is probably my favorite rooster. I bought him at a craft fair about 25 years ago. He had a stand but that went missing many years ago. He's scruffy and beat up and now rest in a basket hanging from the beams in the kitchen ceiling.

Do you have a rooster? :) Cock a Doodle Doo from Lynn @ The Vintage Nest.
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