White Wednesday


It seems odd to have Christmas spirit before Halloween but last weekend I had a sudden urge to make some ornaments. And ever since I've had a holiday bug in my ear. Maybe it's the cinnamon scented air freshener that I got at the dollar store on Friday. (smiles)

Some years it feels like the holidays sneak up on me and I don't have time to get in the noel-ish frame of mind. Some years I just want to hold on to Summer or Fall and I miss a chunk of the holiday season holding onto the past. Some years the warm fuzzies strike me early and I put my heart into every single handmade gift, and seize every opportunity to give and share and volunteer, to be creative and decorate and bake with the kids.

I enjoy those heart years so much more, savoring each memory made. But for some reason a few Christmases have past since I've had a heart year. I don't know about anyone else but I've noticed that try as I might, I can't force it. No matter how I go through the motions, if I'm not having a heart year, I can't make it happen. I give the gifts, I bake the meals but some years my heart just isn't in it. I can't make myself feel the warm Christmas fuzzies. So waking up one Saturday in October to discover warm fuzzies at my dinning room table was such a welcome site! I'm going out today and getting gobs more of those cinnamon scented air fresheners!

Have a beautiful White Wednesday.

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Posted by: Polly - Counting Your Blessings

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