Artistic License

Happy Friday! All of us "junkers" or ahem...should I say treasure hunters, take artistic license with our new found (old) items. This was an old mannequin head form I bought at a yard sale a couple of years ago. And I have used it quite often for display in the shop but the other day I decided it needed some pizazz or I like to use that fancy saying, "artistic license". My intentions were to cover it completely with the old dictionary print but once I started I saw a little pattern develop with what looked like curliques for hair that framed her face, so I continued on in that manner. I like the way she turned out. Don't you? On top of her pretty head sits a fabulous vintage white fur French beret, which came with that fabulous old brooch pinned to the front. The charming old hat is for sale in my shop. Were I just a few years younger I would be wearing that saucy little number myself, perhaps on a Christmas shopping spree, flying down the avenue, with a swing coat on and arms full of shopping bags...but I digress. I was doubly surprised to find that hat, among others, in a beautiful old rose covered hat box I purchased not to long ago on one of my junkin'...ahem....I mean antique excursions.

I hope you have a fun and fabulous weekend and if you are "hunting" I hope you find many fabulous treasure

xo Lynn @ The Vintage Nest
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