Poor Man's Silver

I started collecting pewter when we were first married....poor man's silver as it's sometimes called. I have supper plates, napkin rings, goblets, saucers, mugs, platters, bowls, candlesticks, Jefferson cups and other small accessories. Most all of it was new when I bought it but now it's vintage...ack! But some of the really old pieces I found at yard sales. The really old pieces are a soft pewter and easily dented. The photo shows one shelf of my kitchen French cabinet they are housed in. Also in that photo is an antique papier mache pig that I have had for years and spent way more money on him than I should have but he has brought much joy and lots of grins to our lives so I think he was worth it. And the sweet little bird nest painting, a talented blogging friend painted. That little nest painting represents a part of my life that is near and dear to my heart....my little on line boutique...The Vintage Nest. Come for a visit and I hope your day is the sweetest. xo Lynn

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