Vintage Black Friday ... rosaries

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Welcome all to Vintage Black Friday ... we're happy to see you here this month !!
 This VBF I'm sharing with you a few of my black rosaries I've found on my most recent trips to the flea market...

Old and forgotten about rosaries are a favorite element of mine to use in jewelry designs. I scoop them up whenever I see them ... I'm not looking for the perfect ones, I'm more interested in rescuing the damaged and broken pieces ... giving them a fresh chance and continue on in their beauty.

The six rosaries on the mannequin, upper left side, were all found in the same little pouch at the bottom of an antique jewelry box ... they are petite in size and made of glass. The two in the small upper right are wood and crystal. Third down from upper right is a very large rosary ... the biggest I've seen ... the beads appear to be wood, not quite sure ... it's very, very grungy and rusty.
The bottom right pic has a sampling of various bits and pieces, some wood, plastic, and crystal.

Although all the rosaries are black, they each have there own character and are unique.
from petite to large ... from sparkling to grungy ... from simple to sophisticate
Each one different ... what do they have in common ? 
I LOVE all of them!

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Jill from Gypsy Brocante
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