Vintage Children's Story Books

Vintage and antique children's story books make such fabulous display pieces, the more worn and tattered, to me, the better. At Christmas I displayed an antique Christmas Story book, along with old keys, and fresh holly for a charming and much commented on vignette.

When decorating a room for a new baby nursery, look around for old books on your treasure hunts with a theme, such as bears, or circus, or clowns, a jungle theme or seaside theme or maybe something just as simple as a pink or blue theme.

Just last Thursday I ran across the most sweetest and charming 1942 copyright book about a bunny.....Fluffy the Pink Bunny. I thought the old story book was one of the sweetest I had ever seen for its fabulous double page old beautifully illustrated lithos and it wasn't it until I got it home that I realized the pink bunnies were all flocked through out the book. Again, a wonderful display piece with an Easter theme.

So keep your eyes open when you are scavenging the GW's, Sally stores, yard sales and flea markets. You never know what sweet little treasure book you might find. Thank you for visiting the French Cupboard. And if you have time to hop on down the bunny trail, I would love for you to visit me at The Vintage Nest blog. xoxo Lynn
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