Back Through Time

A few years ago I met a gal through an ebay transaction. I missed out on an auction that I had been watching and I was devastated. The auction was for the most gorgeous vintage curtains that I'd ever seen and I was just heart broken that I'd missed winning them. I contacted her and asked if she had any more. As twist of fates go, this was a beautiful one for me because she did have more! And to make things even better, something clicked and we became friends. She owns an antique mall and even though we live hundreds of miles apart and have never met in person, I've gotten some amazing treasures from her antique mall.
I thought you might like to meet Michelle too...

Everything I create is vintage inspired ~I always use vintage bits and pieces in all of my designs. Besides loving all things old, I believe it makes each and every item unique and one of a kind. I was making things out of old buttons and lace when I used to go to my grandmothers house, gee that would have been 40 years ago. I must have been born with the will to create and for the love of the past.

I am inspired by my surroundings of antiques (my antique mall), flea markets, auctions and of course always looking for new life in old junk. Sometimes I find things that I can't use but I know someone else can, so I sell it. I can't keep it all even though I would like too!

I hope you take the time to stop by and visit me at both of my etsy stores~back through time and the vintage flea market
Posted by: Polly - Counting Your Blessings

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