Forget Me Not Dreams

The creative owners behind Forget Me Not Dreams: We are Karen & Eileen who started as two work-from-home moms, making and marketing holiday and home décor products 20 years ago. We both love working with our hands. When our children were young, we made the decision to stay home with our kids and earn a bit of extra money by making craft items to sell at bazaars or shows near our homes. What started as a show here and there, quickly mushroomed into a full time job, creating and buying products for nearly 20 different shows all held within a three month period! Crazy? Yes, but we love it!

How they met: One of the areas largest and most beautiful shows was owned by Eileen and her husband. Karen, a long time talented crafter, was juried into the show, and that’s how we met. Becoming lifelong friends was so easy! We share a passion for our faith & families… their growing up tales, leaving for school, the joys of 3 marriages in one year, and a beautiful grandchild arriving… changes in our lives. Did we mention the excitement of mentalpause? Two minds working as one half? Sharing it all together!

What inspires them: Opening Forget Me Not Dreams together truly has been a life long dream and a wonderful blending of talents. We love junking and collecting together, sewing and creating together. Our passion is taking something old and making something new and wonderful with it, so we love the thrill of the hunt at flea markets and fabric stores!

A lifetime of experience & sharing a vintage future: Together we have nearly 40 years of business experience, working in both the wholesale and retail home décor markets, so you can buy with ease and confidence from us. We love meeting new friends and building relationships. Our hope is that you will love what we collect and create too. We look forward to meeting you and adding you to our list of Forget Me Not friends.

-Eileen & Karen (Forget Me Not Dreams)
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