The Real French Vanilla of Paris and Provence

Chances are, if you are reading this, you "Get It". You understand why French Style is so appealing, so calming, so irresistible. French Vanilla is not just a name. It is a light, a feeling, sometimes hundreds and hundreds of years old. We love the French Vanilla colors of Paris and Provence. That's why we photograph it, buy it, treasure it, and share it!

What about you? Is your affair with ivory, white, & vanilla a life long obsession or a passing fancy?

If you live within a few hundred miles of Dallas Fort Worth, mark your calendar for our French Market Sale on Saturday June 26th, as we unveil our treasures from Paris, brought back, just for you.

If you can't wait, we have a sneak Paris Pre-Sale on our new website:
If you would like to join our group Vintage Shopping trips to Paris and Provence,
Have a great weekend!

The Red Shed
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