Vintage Black Friday

When I was growing up, my dad's top bureau drawer held a cornicopia of interesting things. The one item that I asked most often to play with was his spy camera. Literally about 2" wide, it spawned my love for cameras.

In collegeI dated a guy that was really into photography and back then real cameras were manual - very manual. Without realizing it, an interest in picture taking... lighting... movement... capturing a breathtaking view was being nurtured.

The relationship didn't last but my love for photography bloomed.

I do not have any special knowledge of cameras. In fact, I just took my first photography class recently. But I do have a small collection of vintage cameras and I love taking picures.

This is an old video camera. Funny, isn't it - how far cameras have come in a short time.
The first digital camera system was introduced in 1975. Check out that cassette tape!

Today I use a Nikon D5000 and I wonder if I'll ever figure out all the gizmos and amazing things that it can do. No matter the era of the camera it's all about preserving and recreating. Today is the vintage of tomorrow.

Posted by: Polly - Counting Your Blessings

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