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The French Cupboard is honored to have 18 authors who contribute to the blog! We are truly a blog team hoping to inspire others to work, shop and live uncommon.

The fine print of French Cupboard is done mainly from a tiny corner in the dinning room of our farmhouse.

A simple armoire holds all the clutter.

I considered sprucing it up a little for you but that wouldn't give you an accurate picture. Mr Blessing is the neat one around here and his office area is so neat it's boring. =)

Because I work from an armoire, the bulletin boards and

magnetic boards hold both work and inspiration.

It's a cozy spot on the main floor where I can watch the kids on the swingset, keep an eye on dinner in the kitchen, and generally be part of life going on around me. What a blessing to have this little corner!

If you would like to see the third floor studio where I sew and work on projects, you can visit HERE.

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Big HUGE thank you's to Karen for hosting such a fun event!!

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