Country Roads

Greetings from Lynn @The Vintage Nest.  I love old buildings and always have.  The first home we built, we converted the garage into a playroom for the kids using reclaimed old barn wood for the paneling.  And I have collected many "old bricks" for my garden landscaping over the years.  The other Saturday as I was traveling the back roads looking for a yard side,  I came around the bend on this narrow country road to see this fabulous old building.  Look closely at the photo to see how close it was next to the tiny country road.  Off in the distant there is a new subdivision that sits right out in the middle of the field with not a tree in sight.  Why do developers do that?  But I am so glad they did not tear this fabulous old piece of history down.  I am not sure what the place may have been used for.  It was too small for a barn,......perhaps some type of working building like a tobacco barn or smokehouse or curing house.   What really intrigues me was someone took the time to put a Christmas wreath up on it over the old door.  The wreath was never taken down and it had withered and turned brown, only adding more charm to this wonderful piece of our heritage. I hope to remember to go back there this winter and see if a fresh wreath is put up. :)  Have a wonderful day...xoxo Lynn

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