the beauty of vintage patina

The rich dignity of decayed splendor with that perfect imperfection.  The total epitome of old world French and shabby elegance, addding tension to the decor with the unexpected.  You know what I am talking about...the beauty of that gorgeous aged patina that only time can give.  An essence that we try but cannot repeat. It's the fine pattern of cracks formed in old paintings and leather, the alligatoring in that beautiful old worn cottage gate green paint, and the appeal of the chippiness on that old white bench that only weather and the elements can render being left in the garden for decades. Finding these pieces is what keeps drawing 
The Vintage Nest back in, over and over again, hitting the road every week on my treasure hunts, for that perfect piece that will grace your home and mine with style and refinement. 

xoxo Lynn @ TheVintageNest blog
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