Cabin Fever Creativity

It started with a couple of inches of ice. On the house. On the roads. Just about everywhere. Then it went to bitter cold. Below zero wind chills. Now snow. On top of the ice. Alaska? you ask?
Canada? Chicago? Nope, good old Dallas Fort Worth. Home of the 2011 Superbowl.

You have to realize that Texas and Texans are not made for ice & snow. We have been frozen into our houses for a week. No work. No school, No groceries. No flea markets. You can only catch up on so many blogs and watch so many personal injury lawyers on TV. Time to get creating. It's too cold to paint in my garage, and I left my jewelry making supplies at the shop. So I am working with materials at hand....I am afraid I will soon be trying to figure out how to craft with cat hair.

My friend handed me a vintage velvet candy box the other day and said "do something with this"... So here we go... All vintage French papers and cards, including French love letters and angel graphics. Edged with vintage chenille.. The velvet side....

The satin side........
This cross is dripping with vintage pearls & jewelry. I added more chenille on the edge and antique French book pages on the back...
I added about 10 items (including those above, since we can't get into the shop) to our ETSY Store : OhPardonMyFrench

Altered a couple of little candles with French love letters (getting the idea of what I have at home? paper & chenille...)
Made some Paris tags for a project, unfortunately the rest of the pieces are iced in at the shop..

and dozens of burlap roses for a project to be determined later...a perfect cold day activity, except my kitchen, computer, and person are now covered in burlap dust and threads.........

Hum......What next?

The Red Shed's Oh Pardon My French!
We have just 3 spots left on our Paris Flea Market Shopping trip in April. Click below for details.
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