White Wednesday

 I've been a bit of a photography nut for years.  Like so many bloggers, I started out with a simple digital camera and took pictures of every little thing that I encountered. As the years have passed, I graduated to a digital SLR and created some "backdrop" areas for pictures for the website, etc., especially during the colder months..  I thought I'd share one of the most versatile backdrops that I have. 

This is just an old divider/screen.  Mine is large and has four sides but you could use almost any trifold screen.
Each side has layers of fabric that are easily lifted for different styles. One side is sheet music - I tend to use that one the most lately.  When I come across a new/old fabric or curtain that would be a pretty backdrop, I just get out the staple gun and add a new layer.  Each layer flips up and can be flung over the top so that it's out of the way.  My screen is on casters so that I can roll it around to where the better light is.  And it's a great for hiding messes too!

Posted by: Polly ~ Counting Your Blessings
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