White Wednesday

A couple weeks ago I was poking around in the garage of local shop owner who is going out of business.  I spied this old radio way in the back, barricaded in.  Of course, I climbed over the stuff and started digging out the radio.  As it turns out, it works... sorta.  It sounds all crackly and doesn't pick up a single radio station on the AM dial (because there is no FM dial).  So I have an idea.  Maybe it's a stupid idea.  I want to keep the guts (because who knows - it could be worth something, especially if it has all the original parts) but I want to connect the speaker to my own cd/ipod player.  I tried it and I can even play Pandora radio off my android phone through this super cool old radio.

Here's the dilemma...  Will it ruin the authenticity of it?  Is it any less historically beautiful if the music is coming from an ipod rather than old tubes?

Posted by: Polly ~ Counting Your Blessings
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