Heaven for the rose lover

A visit to Heirloom Rose Gardens
by Debbi
Marionberry Cottage

A real treat this time of year in Western Oregon is to visit Heirloom Rose Gardens, located 25 miles southwest of Portland, Oregon. Five acres of themed rose gardens, and FREE to vistors!

If you are a rose lover you probably have heard of this wonderful place. I took a friend with me on a recent visit since we both share a love for beautiful fragrant roses. Most of the time meandering thru these breath taking gardens, we had our noses poked down to smell the lovely scents. We found that our interest in the type of rose we craved was so very different.
I am passionate about fluffy English roses, with lots of petals, and the old garden roses that grow wild on the road side, while she prefers the delicate and fragrant tea roses.

Beyond the wonderful manicured theme gardens are the test gardens beyond the fence shown above. What an amazing site with the roses blooming among the Douglas fir trees!

Above is the greenhouse where you can purchase the roses that are propigated at Heirloom Rose gardens. What I love the most about Heirloom Roses is the fact that they are all "own root" roses rather than grafted roses. They stay much healthier, and even if the tops freeze in the winter, the rose will come back from the roots. Heirloom Roses has a website that you can order directly from no matter where you live

Below are just a few of my faves---I must have took 50+ closeups--I love roses
can you tell???

I hope you enjoyed the tour of Heirloom Rose Gardens
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