Treasure Hunting

So many of us love vintage, sell vintage and dream vintage. :) The warm patina, character, uniqueness, sentimentality, history and charm all contribute to that special piece. One week cannot go by without me spending at least one day on a treasure hunt, seeking the perfect vintage or antique item for you. I have been looking for a couple of years for the perfect bench to place in my entry way. A place to throw a purse or those packages waiting to be picked up by my mail lady or carried out by my trusty shipping assistant (Bobby G.). A place to plop down and put on my boots or a place to slide the flip flops under. Well...I finally found it this past Saturday at our tiny little local flea market. Usually I don't find much there, with the dealers there having way too much cheap new stuff. But boy did I luck out this time. Maybe it was that extra little prayer I said as I drove out the drive way Saturday morning. :) This absolutely charming church pew was sitting there under a mass of new blankets and socks. I peeked and peeked, moved the blankets over and peeked some more. Finally I asked the vendor if his display piece was for sale. "Yes m'am", he said, "if you want that ol' thing." Ha! Did I want that ol' thing? You betcha! Without measuring I knew it would be the perfect size and it has white cottage paint with just a little chippiness. And I love the curvy sides and cut out bottom and the extra added detail work on the side boards. The seat is one whole plank of wood and so are the sides. The antique church pew came out of a little church off of Jeter Rd. out here in the country. A new church was built with new factory pews but in my opinion nothing as sweet and charming as this dear piece, that now will be loved and cherished for years to come. Don't you just love it? You could never find a piece like that in a furniture store? Oui? Have a super great week everyone and I wish you all happy treasure hunting! Oh Yeah, I forgot to tell you it was..............$40.00 :)

xo Lynn @ The Vintage Nest.
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