Vintage Black Friday ... and a wardrobe staple ... the little black slip

No, I don't have an unusual black slip fetish ... or anything like that ... however, since I'm always on the look out for vintage slips to create 'Gypsy Slip Dresses' from ... I have found quite a few vintage black ones that I can't tie dye .. but, also that I can't seem to pass up. Okay ...more than quite a few, this is only a sampling of some of my black vintage slips ... I find them to be irresistible.
The lace, trim, and fabric is just oh-so-tempting ... silky and soft.

The details fascinate me ... from the gentle rouching of the bodice ... the tiny metal hardware, it's even better if the paint has chipped a bit ... the swirling flow of rayon, satin, or silk.

Even the vintage tags catch my eye ... take a look at this one below ... it's marked 'little lady' ... I assume it's a petite size with the length of the slip falling only 22 1/2 " ... how sweet.

And ever so easy to take that sweet slip and make it sassy! .... some old pearls, a jean jacket, a fun belt, and of course the boots ...
and this Gypsy chick is ready to kick up her heels and welcome in the weekend !!

What Vintage Black do you have hiding in your closet {or anywhere} you would like to share? ...we would love to see it ... just link on up and join the party.

xo Jill from Gypsy Brocante

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