Brimfield Antique Week...

Did you know that the North East's Premiere Antique Week Event is approaching quickly...Brimfield MA since 1959!

My 1st trip to Brimfield I thought it would be my last, the logistics of the show is not anything like what I was accustom to, but after I thought about it....I was hooked! Now I set up there as a vendor as well as shop...GO FIGURE!

Here are a few tips to navigate thru the show if it is your 1st time to attend:

  1. Most important...remember you can not be everywhere all at one time! So take your time and see what you can. There is so much to see, so don't feel pressured to be at every opening! There will still be stuff left to purchase! ;-)

  2. Bring gear for all types of weather! Some of the shows open at daybreak, and it's cold there. Dress in layers and bring your rain gear....Don't forget your boots! Don't forget your hat & sunscreen either!

  3. Bring a Bag-Lady cart! Parking is sometimes inconvenient and far away. So the cart will come in handy to carry all of your small items. If you need help with larger items, there are porters that walk the street in Brimfield, HIRE THEM! They will get it right to your vehicle for a reasonable price!

  4. Brimfield is not strictly an "Antique Market", so if you are purchasing something and you are not sure, be sure to speak with the vendor about the age of the piece. If the age of the piece is not important to problem! There is plenty of good decorator pieces out there too!

  5. If you are from the Mid-West or aware that the level of hospitality is slightly different up in the East. It's not that they are un-friendly, it's just not like the South ;-)

  6. Don't be afraid to try and deal with a vendor on an item...they want to sell as much as you want to buy! Be courteous and remember this is their job...but don't be afraid to make them a reasonable offer. You just might be surprised!

  7. Most importantly HAVE FUN...and be sure to have an original Lime Ricky drink in honor of me!

Be sure to drop by and visit with me. I will be showing in the Central Park Show May 11-16, 2010 in space #2 right behind the pilgrim sandwich vendor!

For detailed information about the Central Park Antique Show visit their website!

For general information on Brimfield and the other shows click here!

To visit me or find other shows that we will be participating in you can find me in the following places...

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