Bon Voyage !

Bonjour mon amie! It's French Inspiration Thursday and I'll be guest posting for our elusive vacationer~Jill~
That's right Jill has gone off and left us....she's off En VACANCES!
  No, not the French Riviera, poor thing had to settle for a quick gypsy jaunt to the warm toasty sands of Costa Rica. Right about now she's probably relaxing on the warm and sunny beaches with her toes in the sand and a cool drink in her hand! (do you get the sense that my green eyes are getting greener with envy?) However, to be honest it's well deserved, and I'm sure she'll be missing all of us. 
But, we can dream can't let's ALL go en vacances! French style!

Au revoir for now!
{posted by Beth of Gypsy Fish Journal}

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