Voila! ... French Inspiration

French inspiration has gone to the dogs.
As soon as I found this graphic, here, I immediately knew what I wanted to create for today's party.

Sure beats this bag of treats that usually resides on my cupboard!

This was so easy to make ... all I did was print out the graphic and modpodge it to a large vintage glass canning jar. Fill with biscuits ... looks like I need more biscuits!

As soon as the pooches heard the treats rattle into the jar they came running ... this is "Abby", she's half French half English ... a Yorkie-Poo .... she's an old gal {14 ~ human years!} ... the jar is about as big as she is ... she sat and whined until Mom gave her a treat.

Then came "Mac" .... a true gentleman .... he always waits for her to finish first ... then his nose was right in the jar! Mac is our rescue pup ... we had 10 puppies one year, all brought up from a high kill shelter in NC ... all were adopted out ... we kept "Mac" and he is awesome!

 Love how the simple B&W graphics go so well with my kitchen ... thank you Graphics Fairy for another awesome idea!

Now link on up below and show us all what you got !!


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