Voila! ... French Inspiration

Hello! Did anyone miss "Viola!" last week? ... I was on a road trip heading out to the Nada farm event last Thursday and in the middle of Indiana it hit me ... TODAY IS "VIOLA!"!!! Seems like with all the mad rush getting ready for my trip and preparing for jewelry class I let "Viola!" slip to the curb. My bad. ... and not much better this week. I've done nothing French inspired these past two weeks ... it's been packing, driving, and driving and driving. However, I did treat myself to a new travel mug for the ride home and it is French inspired ; )

I'm all settled back home and will be getting out the paints, glue gun, and inspiration flowing again ... back full swing next week! Please accept my apologies for the absence ; )
Now, what have YOU been up to?? Anything good? ... well, do share...link it on up below!

See you all next week!

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