Voila! .. French inspiration

Okay ... will someone please tell me what today is?!
I have just spent half of my morning thinking it was WEDNESDAY!!
Not until I was bringing in the trash cans a few moments ago did the light bulb go off ... wait, trash day, Thursday, VOILA! .... and so here I am late with this week's post and my apologies. 
I guess taking off last Thursday for Thanksgiving really messed up my inner alarm clock ; )

I've been excited to show all of y'all my little French inspired skate girls!!
I've "dolled" up some second hand ice-skates into romantic Christmas decor ...

A little glitter, moss, burlap and twine ....

And ... VOILA! ..... a sweet French inspired decoration for my mantel.

Joyeux noel!!
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Jill {Gypsy Brocante}
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