The New Old

Because book pages aren't just for putting on the bathroom walls  =)
Affordable vintage dressforms are getting harder and harder to find.  I'm a huge lover of an authentic sweet old form but Mr. Blessing and I have also purchased forms whether they are new, old, male, female... and make them into the tattered, vintage ladies that we prefer (hmm... maybe that's why Steve picked ME).  This is a newer child size dressform that I worked on last weekend (because I don't have enough projects already).  Although it can be made into adult height, it needed some curves.  So I used some heavier kraft paper to create a petticoat layer for the skirt.  That gave the book pages some "fluff".  Then I layered the crumpled pages to fashion a dress.  She really "blossomed" with the paper roses. But a stuffed bra under the outfit is a simple solution too (I know, it's not very "blessing-ish" to talk about bras but sometimes the blessing is in the affordable).


Almost any new dressform can be made to look old by removing the fabric exterior.   If the body is a hard plastic or styrofoam, it can easily be covered with old wallpaper, paper bags or tea dyed fabric.  I've made many a good messes spraying tea on dressforms.  My walls are so thankful for Magic Eraser!

Here's something I never thought I'd say...  Consider a blow-up doll.  Seriously.  Yes, you can purchase inflatable dressforms (with a stand and everything).  I don't have a completed one here right now but I'll try to share next week how we transform "vintage" blow-up dressforms.
We've all been working for years on making something that is old new-again.  But sometimes it's more cost effective to make something new into something old!

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