Voila! ... French Inspiration

A call for HELP!!

Earlier this week I started to work on my project for today ...
I have two chairs that I picked up at Habitat for Humanity for the super low price of $5 each.

I also have on hand some canvas, paint,and upholstery tacks.
I assembled all my supplies {including five books on how to re-upholster} and then proceeded to spend the next three days trying to figure out what the heck TO DO EXACTLY!!

That brings me to today ... 
What to do?
Go to Pinterest for inspiration .....

click above for all links to photos

Click here to see more examples of the direction I'm headed.

 Now .. I'm on inspiration overload!! Have you ever felt this way?? You get so many ideas buzzing around in your head you just end up freezing? 
Happens to me A LOT!!
I want my new/old chairs to be FANTASTIC, but I'm afraid they are not going to turn out okay ..... should I plow forward or buy a slip cover? 
Maybe have someone else do the work? 
Not really an option ... that would totally work against all the money I saved in the first place.

So what would you do?
Tell me ....... please ; )
and while you're at it ... link on up below what you did this past week, or what has inspired you lately!


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