Post Cards of the Past

Since this week is St. Valentine's Day
I wanted to post about items near & dear to my heart

Today, this post is coming from
Tracie at My Petite Maison
I'm very pleased to be a contributor
here at The French Cupboard... good to meet you!

© My Petite Maison

Every time I lay my eyes on a vintage french postcard

it speaks to my heart. I wonder, who was the person
that sent the card? What was the person's relationship
to the sender that has taken the time to write?
Were the people far, far away
with two lonely hearts, or was the card just a fond
remembrance of "I'll be Home Soon"?
I always hope it was the latter and most of the time
I am quite pleased to read a happy message on the back!

© My Petite Maison

I've found myself not being able to turn away
from these cards, adding & adding to my collection.
I'm pleased to say, I'll soon add them to my shoppe...
Yes, I'm going to share, even though it's hard to do!

A sweet girl on the front with a saying
sending you an embrace

And the back, beautiful penmanship...
Wishing a happy birthday with much affection.

© My Petite Maison

Do these sweet mementos of yesterday
speak to your heart?

What type of ephemera do you collect
and how do the items speak to your Valentine heart?

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