Linens 101

With nice weather on the's time to get out your stored linens and get ready for alfresco dining.

I love the look of rumpled linens...the less ironing the better.

An outdoor table set with beautiful creamy linens and white dishes has such a wonderful farmhouse feel.

Have some linens with stains...don't fret...using Rit dye can transform your old grungy linens into new refreshing linens with just a little soak. Maybe you have some linens that are too bright, and you want a more muted look...try Rit color remover. It helps fade out fabrics to give them a great vintage look. You can also try this old school method of removing stains...just lay your linen outside on the grass before the sun sets and let the dew soak out the stains overnight. The next morning the sun will finish the job by bleaching the stains.

~Andrea from Faded Plains
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