Thursdays Child

There's a theme running through blogland this Spring ~ Getting back to our roots.
It's not about plants and flowers this season but rather the roots that inspired us. That thing which we have given up so that we can visit on the computer. I've seen it in several blog posts lately. I hear rumblings of it in emails from friends near & far. I have felt the stir myself.

While the I cheer for the woman growing her livelihood in an uncommon way, through blogs and online networking, let's also LIVE uncommon! Don't just open the window to your home office, go outside and breathe rewnewal. Even though the laptop will work just fine from the back porch, let's pretend that it doesn't. Let's make Thursdays the day that we find something in the "real" world to be inspired by.

Thursdays Child Has Far To Go...

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