Thrifty Treasures

If your anything like me...then you love a good deal. Recently, I came across some wonderful "thrifty treasures" that I thought I'd share with you.

I fell immediately in love with this huge ironstone pitcher....a bargin at $12.00.

And these...lov'em...vintage seltzer bottles from England...they even have a stamp of approval from the Queen of much you ask...$11.00 each.

This was a great find at the famous Rose Bowl Flea Market...a shabby white bench...another bargin at $10.00.

I found this beauty last weekend at a thrift shop for an amazing $ this!

A set of five old french watercolors...$12.00 for ALL of them, chippy frames included.

A couple days ago, I bought 37 french paperback books for a meer $11.50, that's only 31 cents each...was that a deal or what.

Good deals can be found anywhere...thrift shops, auctions, estate dispersal shops, etc...just keep your eyes open....and you too can find a "thrifty treasure".
~Andrea from Faded Plains

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