Piece by Piece

I know I've mentioned before that my table settings lean toward hodge podge & mish mash but this is the one set that I've collected piece by piece. About 15 years ago my son and I were living on our own and didn't have a dime to spare. One afternoon we stopped at a Goodwill and I fell in love with this old Wedgewood pattern. It was only two cups and two saucers and they were $5, which was more than I could afford if I wanted to get the shorts my boy needed for Summer. We passed them up but a week later he stopped back in with his grandma and bought them for me. That darling boy has picked up all these pieces for me one by one over the last several years. They aren't all Wedgewood but it's ok because the only label I need is a post-it note marked, "Found another one Mom..."

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