Vintage in My Garden

Mary Mary quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With old clock faces and hiding places
And vintage birdhouses all in a row.

(that's pretty bad, I know, but it rhymes! LOL )

Decorating your garden with old found objects makes for a very charming setting. An old bed frame planted with flowers is so sweet or even make it into a raised vegetable garden. Use an old iron headboard stuck right in the middle of a stand of Black Eyed divine. Use old forks as markers in your garden. And don't forget to bring the garden in. And old 'strawberry pot' makes a fabulous utensil holder in the kitchen. Place an old metal garden rake by the backdoor to hang totes and mittens from. Have the children outgrown their old rubber boots? Fill them with flowers or your hand gardening tools and set on the front porch. The ideas are endless. :) Enjoy your garden!

Presented by Lynn @ The Vintage Nest.
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